Hiding out when you’re feeling lost, uncertain and things are falling apart, never helped a single woman get her life back on track.  


When you’re used to being confident and at the top of your game, and all of a sudden every area of your life is turned upside down, what you want is:

> Clarity, passion and direction in your work, so you can leave your mark on the world

> Relationships that are loving, supportive and easy

> Confidence in who you are as a woman, how you relate to others and how you show up in the world

And most of all,

> You want to know that you’re not crazy, this time in your life won’t last forever and everything is going to be ok.

But right now, you don’t know where to start, and you’re trying to avoid what’s happening to you.


You don’t want to tell people what’s happening, or be vulnerable, because you’re scared they’ll judge you for it. After all, you’ve created a life that other people envy, now you’re feeling lost and uncertain about it all.


I'm Trenia Parham, and I’m a teacher and healer. I provide guidance to high achieving women when shit is hitting the fan! And she’s going through big transitions in her life.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women over the years, and this is what I know for sure: when a woman tends to her own needs and has direction in life, she belongs to herself, genuine joy runs deep within and she’s free to change the world.


What I’m About

Compassionate honesty. And when you work with me, you get access to my laser-focused, intuitive insight, as well as everything I know and have learned over the last 15 years about relationships, major life transitions and creating a strong sense of self and purpose for your life. You’ll also get the benefit of my professional experience as a master’s level Social Worker, and the 9 years I spent as a Relationship Coach.

As we work together, I’ll guide you in examining your life, work, self-identity and relationships. So you can be deliberate about the woman you want to be, and what the next phase of your life is going to look like.

And by the time our work together is done, you’ll feel like the smoke has cleared in your life, work and relationships. You’ll have the tools you need to decide your next steps and how to handle life’s uncertainty.


What do I love?

  • Any and all things 80’s

  • Music that makes my soul feel like it was dipped in honey

  • The beach

  • The moon

  • I geek out on Astronomy (Neil de Grasse Tyson is my BFF, in my head)

  • Exploring the world (23 countries and counting)

  • Salsa dancing

  • Witchy things

  • Christmas with my family

  • New York City


Ready to take the next step?

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